Our club has a history of having members who are thoughtful, intelligent, energetic, and appreciate the differences of all.  We are particularly concerned with supporting community charities and giving back to those in need. 
We do many activities at the club to support our community and members.  We raise funds by hosting an Art and Craft Fair, Art Show and Sale, and various other activities to help support non-profit organizations and to provide scholarships for music, art, and adults returning to college.  We also support non-profit organizations by providing in-kind services, such as, baking dinners for homeless shelters, collecting cans of food for food banks, and making small gift bags for the holidays, and the like. In addition, we have many educational and social events for our members and their guests.  They include guest speakers at our monthly general meeting and luncheon who discuss an array of subjects from book authors to historians to current affairs.  Our International Affairs members host speakers and discuss topics of concern in the formulation and execution of American foreign policy on a monthly basis.  The Literature members stimulate interests in reading and discussion of outstanding literature, both current and classic.  We have bridge groups that play duplicate, marathon, and summer bridge, and take trips to various events, such as, Decorator’s Showcase Home and other current local activities. Each September we host an Open House with a short program to explain about the many Club activities.  If you cannot attend, please call the Club and we will provide you with information. We have a congenial group of women and men (yes, a few) and wish you would join us.  Please click
HERE for our Brochure